Review: Azure Stack Sessions at Microsoft Ingite 2017 in Orlando

At Microsoft Ignite 2017 in Orlando there have been lots of interesting sessions around Azure Stack. Here is a list of the most relevant sessions and the corresponding PowerPoints and Video recordings:


BRK2089 Accelerate cloud native development with Cloud Foundry on Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack
BRK2091 Azure App Service on Microsoft Azure Stack, developer Ninjitsu: Above and below the clouds!
BRK2093 Microsoft Azure Stack business and support model
BRK2094 Microsoft Azure Stack delivery and operations overview
BRK2095 Microsoft Azure Stack, the journey and its findings
BRK2106 Deploying, managing, and supporting Azure App Service on Microsoft Azure Stack
BRK2108 Digital transformation with Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack
BRK2138 Incorporating Microsoft Azure Stack in your Hybrid Cloud Strategy
BRK2143 Lessons learned from the Azure Stack Early Adoption Initiative
BRK2418 Accelerate hybrid cloud adoption with Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack
BRK3084 Microsoft Azure Stack hybrid apps and developer overview
BRK3088 Microsoft Azure Stack Development Kit and why it matters
BRK3089 Microsoft Azure Stack security and compliance
BRK3090 Microsoft Azure Stack usage and billing
BRK3099 Developing hybrid apps on Microsoft Azure Stack
BRK3115 IaaS on Microsoft Azure Stack
BRK3116 Integrating Azure Stack in your Datacenter
BRK3127 Operating principles of Microsoft Azure Stack
BRK3149 Understanding Azure Stack architecture and how to capacity plan solution purchases
BRK3150 Understanding Microsoft Azure Stack through the lens of customer use cases
BRK3363 Azure Stack – Thinking AND realizing value beyond the box, a global SI’s perspective
BRK3383 Making it real: How Azure Stack was implemented in production at a large hoster in the Nordics
BRK3395 Recovering Azure Stack infrastructure from a catastrophic data loss
BRK3396 Updating and servicing Microsoft Azure Stack
BRK4010 Microsoft Azure Stack business continuity and disaster recovery
BRK4011 Understanding hybrid identity, authentication, and authorization with Microsoft Azure Stack
BRK4015 Edge-based applications with Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack

Take your time an enjoy …

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