ExpertsLiveNL – Azure vs AzureStack – A guidance to your journey (on a comedian way)

ExpertsLiveNL was worth going there. It was fun, it was community! Thanks to all the organizers.

ExpersLiveNL took place on 19/06/2018 in Ede / Gelderland. After a long journey the evening before Florian and me arrived in the Reehorst Hotel to start the final preps for our session. It started at 7:45 am, the goal was to present something and wake up the attendees on the same track. 😉 We decided to go with a 50% “battle” between Azure (the crazy guy Flo) and Azure Stack (the lazy, old school Vadder Abrahm with its smurfs -> HPE, DELL, Lenovo, Wortmann, Cisco, Huawai and Fujitsu -> which were all there “live”).

After we finished the “battle” and decided that “hybrid” is the future, we talked about scenarios where it would fit to go with Azure and Azure Stack, best of bread for each situation.

Thanks again and hope to see you soon in the community.

Azure vs Azure Stack – ELN

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