AzureStack 1804

AzureStack Build 1804 has just been released:

New features

This update includes the following improvements for Azure Stack.

• Visual Studio support for disconnected Azure Stack deployments using AD FS. Within Visual Studio you now can add subscriptions and authenticate using AD FS federated User credentials.

• Use Av2 and F series virtual machines. Azure Stack can now use virtual machines based on the Av2-series and F-series virtual machine sizes. For more information see Virtual machine sizes supported in Azure Stack.

• More granular administrative subscriptions. With version 1804 and later, the Default Provider subscription is now complemented with two additional subscriptions. The additions facilitate separating the management of core infrastructure, additional resource providers, and workloads. The following three subscriptions are available after the update installs:

◦ Default Provider subscription. Use this subscription for core infrastructure only. Do not deploy resources or resource providers on this subscription.

◦ Metering subscription. Use this subscription for resource provider deployment. Resources deployed on this subscription are not charged.

◦ Consumption subscription. Use this subscription for any other workload that you want to deploy. Resources deployed here are charged normal usage prices.

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