App Service on Azure Stack update 3 release

A new update for App Service on Azure Stack has just been released:

You can download the new installer and helper scripts:

New features and fixes

Azure App Service on Azure Stack Update 3 includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • Support for use of SQL Server Always On for Azure App Service Resource Provider databases.
  • Added new Environment parameter to the Create-AADIdentityApp helper script to assist targeting different AAD regions.
  • Updates to App Service Tenant, Admin, Functions portals and Kudu tools. Consistent with Azure Stack Portal SDK version.
  • Updates to core service to improve reliability and error messaging enabling easier diagnosis of common issues.
  • Updates to the following application frameworks and tools:
    • Added ASP.Net Core 2.1.2
    • Added NodeJS 10.0.0
    • Added Zulu OpenJDK
    • Added Tomcat 8.5.31 and 9.0.8
    • Added PHP Versions:
      • 5.6.36
      • 7.0.30
      • 7.1.17
      • 7.2.5
    • Added Wincache
    • Updated Git for Windows to v
    • Updated Kudu to 74.10611.3437

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