01/09/18: cim Lingen – Vadder Markus & Hippie Flo are talking about – Azure Stack vs. Azure

cim Lingen 2018 takes place on 01/09/2018 in the Lower-Saxony/Germany and is one of Germany’s most well-known IT community events of the last +10 years. And this year there will be a revival of two former MVPs (working now as Microsoft TSPs) in a joint session on “Azure Stack vs. Azure – a guidance to your journey”. This will be Markus Klein (“vadder Markus”) and Florian Klaffenbach (“hippie Flo”).

A lot of companies in Germany know that they will need to develop themselves into Cloud technology. Their question today is: should/could I just go directly with public Azure or is Azure Stack as a hybrid cloud approach the way they should go. Markus & Flo will discuss this and try to give you advice when you should use what and guide you to your journey. Because it’s your choice!

This session will try to give you some advice on a commendian way: “hippie Flo” will present public Azure technology and “vadder Markus” with his smurfs (hardware OEM) will discuss why Azure Stack could be your choice. Come and visit us, it’s time you shouldn’t spend elsewhere that day:


See you in Lingen!

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